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Why Do Fireworks Scare Dogs? - Wild Pet Supply

Why Do Fireworks Scare Dogs?

Most dog owners have realized how frightened their dog can be when fireworks go off. As we approach the 4th of July where many Americans celebrate by launching fire works into the sky it's important to know your Dog may be startled during the holiday. 
Where to buy Land Snails - Wild Pet Supply

Where to buy Land Snails

Do you want to keep live land snails as a pet? This blog shares where to find them or buy them as well as helpful information about them!
February 12 2021 - Letter From Our CEO - Wild Pet Supply

February 12 2021 - Letter From Our CEO

Thank you Wild Pet Supply customers for helping us on our journey to be the greatest online aquarium and insect market place!
Bumblebee Millipede Facts & Care - Wild Pet Supply

Bumblebee Millipede Facts & Care

The Bumblebee Millipede is one of our favorite millipedes we keep and sell. Their easy care and unique appearance makes them a popular pet!

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One Week Ship Delay

I personally want to thank you for all the orders placed during our first 3 months of business! After all the hard work with packing and shipping, we have decided to take a one-week break from the store for vacation!

From Sunday 1/5/2020 to Saturday 1/11/2020 all orders will not be shipped out until 1/12/2020. Oldest orders will be given priority when shipping them on 1/12/2020. If you have any questions email me at wildpetsupply@gmail.com