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    Shrimp Aquarium Dome Hide

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    Organic Structure Dome: Perfectly designed to blend with your aquarium's natural look

    • Moss Growth Encouraged: Ideal for moss cultivation, providing a nutrient-rich environment for baby shrimp

    Product description

    Our new aquarium domes make it easy to protect your shrimp from snails and fish! These domes are so cool with their organic structure!
    Moss loves growing inside and around our hide, moss can help you shrimp breed as it helps give nutrients to baby shrimp :)
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    Shrimp Aquarium Dome Hide

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Chenthil Kumar

    Beautiful product. Awesome colour.
    Looks nice in my planted aquarium.
    My Shrimps will enjoy.


    Ordered the light brown option, as it *seemed* to be a darker than lighter on the pictures, but I can confirm that once placed under the LEDs of the tank, it really really is light brown! So light it feels almost beige! I could barely believe my eyes when I saw the difference in and out of the tank. Still beautiful, and a great product.

    Miriam Hopton

    I am SO happy I came upon this Etsy store! I have been on the hunt for something to feed my shrimp and protect them from my hungry betta fish (who eats all of their food). This dome is PERFECT!! I can now feed the shrimp and keep my betta out of their way. I recommend this to any one who has a community tank of shrimp and other fish that eat their food. I recommend and wish I could rate everything 10 stars. THANK YOU!!!


    The item arrived quickly, and was well packaged. It’s roomier than I thought it would be, which is awesome, and it actually matches the color of my dragon. Brilliant! I look forward to introducing my shrimp to their man cave (and my dragon to his shrimp horde.)

    Cait Reddy

    My shrimp love it! And our betta can’t get in it