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2021 - About

Wild Pet Supply

We've always been fascinated with our pets. Whether it be millipedes, land snails, aquarium fish, praying mantis, birds, and also tortoises. In 2019. We noticed that most pet stores do not have all the different types of animals that we wanted to keep. It is also difficult to find reliable sources of insects in the US online. We knew this needed to be fixed so that first-time pet keepers, as well as experienced hobbyists, would always be able to purchase the pets they want. At Wild Pet Supply we specialize in getting our healthy pets shipped to you. Most of our animals are bred and maintained by us in Racine, Wisconsin. We also focus a lot on aquariums and pets fish.

Website Opened 11-08-2019


We first opened our website in November 2019 and began fulfilling orders to the US. Our first focus was aquariums and other live goods related to fish keeping. As we begin to grow our customer base we started to sell other live items like millipedes on our site. The entire business has been funded by ABLEV LLC and was originally started by James Morelan the owner of Challenge the Wild YouTube. As our business began to grow new employees and ownership have been implemented however James is still hands-on and helps with the big picture and other operational needs for our site.

2019 - Present

Where Are we Today?

Wild Pet Supply has just launched our largest update ever with amazing features like randomly updating pages, faster load times, better search, more product selection, more product information on pages, better-recommended products, real-time and genuine customer data available to potential buyers, and so much more. In 2021 we have shifted our approach to focus more on aquariums and terrariums holding back on selling dog and cat products. We would like to one day expand and sell those products again but currently, we believe we should focus strictly on the things we're best at.


Goals for the Future

We are incredibly thankful for all of our customers that have supported us over the past two years, we are also very thankful for everyone that helped us with our mission to provide healthy and happy insects to the world. We have shipped over 2,000 orders during the global pandemic and have delivered packages directly to customers without them leaving home. We are very excited about the future and what we can offer to the hobby. Some future projects we are working on are more insect selections with our new head of terrarium operations, Chase Cortez. We also have plans to focus heavily on education over the next year with new books and new websites for classroom learning. We are also developing better relations with insect breeders and animal breeders so that one day we may be able to build a marketplace separate from our store that will connect insect sellers directly to customers in their state.

Owner - Creator

James Morelan

As a kid growing up in a small town it was always hard for me to find the insects and pets I always wanted to keep. Either they would be too expensive or too complicated to order online. I decided to change that, in 2017 I came up with the idea for Wild Pet Supply. I wanted a marketplace only for insects, aquarium, and reptile enthusiasts. Since then we have been able to expand and add new products and insects!

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