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Frequently asked questions | Contact

Thanks for visiting our site! Here you can find answers to our most popular questions. If you want any more information visit our About Page to learn more.
If you have any questions that we didn't answer please go to our contact page so we can get in touch.

Warehouse Direct VS WPS Fulfilled
Wild PET SUPPLY FAQ Warehouse Direct: Items shipped directly from our manufacturer outside the US.
WildPETSUPPLY FAQ WPS Fulfilled: Items shipped from our warehouse located in Racine, Wisconsin.
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How long does shipping take?
On average we have seen most orders arrive in four business days depending on the shipping method chosen at check out.
This may change if you purchase items that are directly from our manufacturers, this is indicated by WildPETSUPPLY FAQ Warehouse Direct
How Much Does Shipping Cost?
Standard (3-5 Days) | NO DOA POLICY $3.49
Express (2-3 Days) | NO DOA POLICY $8.50
Express | Insulated Box (2-3 Days) LIVE GUARANTEE $10.25
Free(2-5 Days) Free Over $25

Our shipping rates may change depending on the time of year or by item. Many our smaller items offer free shipping and this will be mentioned in description. If you have more questions please visit our shipping page or DOA page.
What carrier do you use for deliveries?
For most orders placed on our site we use the United States Postal Service, depending on the products weight or cubic volume it may be shipped with UPS. If you require specific carrier please leave a comment at check out although this may not always be excepted.
Confirmation Email | My order didn't ship?
Please be aware an automated email is sent to you to the given email address when your order is dispatched. Please check all folders including you junk as it will come from a noreply email address. To ensure emails reach you.
Most orders are fulfilled within 24 hours of them being placed however if you ordered a live item between Tuesday at 12 PM and Sunday your order will be held until Monday so that the live item is not stuck in transit
Do you ship World Wide? (US BASED)
We mostly operate in the US however we sometimes ship dry goods to Canada, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, China, and more.
Our digital products like PDF care guides can be purchased anywhere.
Can I pickup from a local store?
We currently do not operate in a traditional retail space, however we do offer local delivery to a 15 mile radius of the ZIP Code 53408 and plan to expand soon.
Do you deliver on Weekends?
Some of our carriers do not deliver on Saturday however we ship our Live items on Monday to prevent them from being stuck on with our carriers during the weekend.
Free Shipping Info?
Currently throughout our site we offer free shipping on orders over $25 however during peak times when shipping may cost more this minimum could be raised. Specific items throughout our store may offer free shipping with no minimum this will be mentioned in the product description. All digital items offer free shipping.
Refunds | DOA's
Depending on the item ordered we typically send out a replacement if the item is damaged or a DOA occurs. In an instance where a refund is necessary we offer in-store credit which is instantly applied to your account. This is our preferred method and will result in a faster return. We also offer a cash refund depending on the DOA information this can be found on our returns page.
Hold for Pickup?
Hold for pick up means that the package will not be delivered on a truck but instead will be held at your local post office to prevent a live package from being stuck on a hot or cold delivery vehicle.
We have noticed that most DOA's occur when being stuck on a vehicle for up to eight hours.
Can I track my item?
Once your order is shipped you should receive an email confirmation or text message.
You can also visit your account page which will show all your recent orders, addresses, and more.
Where Are You Located?
We are based out of Racine, Wisconsin and ship our orders out of our fulfillment center located here. If you are in our city we offer next day delivery.
How do I learn about your store?
If you're interested in learning more about us visit our about us page. We also share information on our blog or social media's.
Live Guarantee | DOA LIVE ITEMS
We offer a live guarantee to all of our live items on our store as long as the appropriate shipping has been purchased.
Live guarantee covers items as long as the temperature in the state shipped to is under 20°F.
Live guarantee items must also be labeled as hold for pick up to prevent the live items from being stuck at the post office.
We have more information about this on our returns page.
How do I apply a promotional code?
You can add a valid promotion code in the cart & at checkout.
When will my card be charged for my order?
Due to the nature of our payments system, the full cost of the order will be charged to the card as soon as it is placed.