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    Shrimp Nano Cave - Aquarium Cave Tunnel - Fish Tank Decor | 2 Pack

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    Shrimp Sanctuary: Offer your cherry shrimp the perfect hideaway without overwhelming your tank's landscape.

    Aquarium Charm: With our Shrimp Nano Caves, balance functionality and aesthetics in your shrimp's underwater home.


    Product description

    Introducing our Shrimp Nano Cave! 🦐 Perfect for all fish tank enthusiasts who want a bit of flair in their aquarium decor. These caves serve as the perfect shrimp hide 🚪, providing your shrimp a quiet retreat.

    Each pack comes with 2️⃣ Shrimp Nano Caves. They are meticulously designed to fit into any aquarium or fish tank setting and are made from aquarium-safe materials, ensuring a safe and fun environment for your aquatic friends.

    With our Shrimp Nano Caves, make your aquarium stand out while providing your shrimp with a cozy hideout. Add this perfect shrimp tunnel to your fish tank decor today! 🌊

    These small caves are the perfect size since they don't require your soil being too high saving from having to add a lot of substrate. Compare your aquarium substrate height with a quarter to our picture.
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    Shrimp Nano Cave - Aquarium Cave Tunnel - Fish Tank Decor | 2 Pack

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews

    bigger than advertized but great otherwise

    Emily Jenks

    I liked the product and so did my shrimp

    Kingsley Zissou

    Great product, super fast delivery.


    This is such a cute little bowl, and it's very easy to handle with the flared rim

    Kraig Thomas

    Item is a bit small than I expected but it still servers its purpose and keep tank clean.