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100% Bee Pollen Powder - Food for Reptiles

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About this item

  • 100% Bee Pollen Powder
  • Perfect for reptiles or insects
  • Add to their standard diet or use as a treat
  • Sprinkle a small amount ontop of their food
  • 1oz Bag

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Our Bee Pollen is fantastic for many different reptiles! We carry it in 1 Oz bags and suggest using it with mealworms, sprinkling it on other New Caledonia Geckos food, dusting it on insects for Bearded Dragons and Blue Tongue Skinks, or adding several granules to Chameleon food.

We ship resalable plastic bags within the USA for fast & stress-free delivery. You can combine your order with our other wonderful products for all of your pet needs.

I personally use this with my crested gecko and even add some to my isopod food! We also have a larger 2 oz version on our site!

Do you have an animal that's not too keen on the food it gets? This is the perfect solution for you.

Our Bee Pollen is a healthy option!

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