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    Nano Floating Aquarium Boat - Row Boat Aquarium Decor - Fish Tank Shrimp Betta Decor

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    Tiny Voyages: Custom Nano Boats (1") for your shrimp and nano fish to explore and enjoy.

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    Product description

    Set sail to a whimsical underwater world with our custom-designed Nano Aquarium Boats. Perfect for aquariums housing fish, shrimp, or snails, these charming little vessels bring a splash of adventure to your aquatic setup. Whether you have a cozy 10-gallon tank or a spacious 90-gallon marine showcase, our nano and large boats—with their delicate oars—are sure to enhance the scenery.

    Our nano-sized boats, measuring at just an inch long, are particularly suited for tanks teeming with small or nano fish. For those with larger aquatic friends, we advise caution as they may mistake these cute crafts for a snack! Not just a decorative piece, these boats have become a favorite hangout spot for shrimp, offering them a fun shelter to explore and relax beneath.

    With two sizes available—Nano at 1" and Large at 2" in length—you can choose the perfect fit for your tank's inhabitants and theme. Watch as your aquatic pets interact with their new floating hideaway, creating a lively and dynamic environment in your very own aquarium.

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    Nano Floating Aquarium Boat - Row Boat Aquarium Decor - Fish Tank Shrimp Betta Decor

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews

    Too cute for words, got it for my little fiddler crab. He LOVES IT!! Will sit on it for hours just floating. It's just as pictured, fast shipping. No need to contact seller but given the speedy service and care taken with the packaging. I have no reason to believe that if I did have to contact them that it'd be anything but a pleasant experience.


    Boat is smaller then photo. Only has 1 oar.
    Very Tiny, small for a good size Fish-Tank. Mine is 10 Gallons, wanted a bit bigger!
    I was expecting it to be a bit bigger!
    But, very cute.
    Chi Ori

    Leramarie Rose

    I absolutely adore my little boat. Waiting for the tank to cycle. It's going to be so cute.

    Purple Roses

    This boat is cute!! It looks adorable in my 5 gal betta tank! She loves pushing it around her planted tank! It was a tiny bit smaller than I though it would be, but the quality totally makes up for it, and my girl loves it! 🥹🫶🏻🩷


    I ordered two for my boyfriend's tank for Christmas and I think he's going to love them. They're exactly the right color and adorable. The oars are not attached though (which isn't a problem), but just a heads up for anyone wondering.