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Nano Floating Aquarium Boat - Row Boat Aquarium Decor - Fish Tank Shrimp Betta Decor

Nano Floating Aquarium Boat - Row Boat Aquarium Decor - Fish Tank Shrimp Betta Decor

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Nano aquarium boats!! 🛶

Floating nano boats for aquariums with fish, shrimp, or snails! 🦐🐠

Our custom-designed boats with oars can add extra detail to aquariums or nano paludariums. I have one of the nano ones in my 10 gallon aquarium and a large on in my 90 gallon.

I would recommend the nano boats for tanks with small/nano fish as large fish might want to eat the boats.

My shrimp love the floating boat and have hung out under neath it!

Size! 📏
Nano 1" long
Large 2" long
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Customer Reviews

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Slovek I

I freaking love this little boat. I got two, one for a gift and one to keep, and the print was well done of both. The color was consistent through both boats as well. The oar was not attached but I was worried a snail would sink it to the bottom so I glued it with super glue no problem. Overall I’m very happy!


Amazingly cute product, would recommend getting more than one though our one boat is a bit lonely and is pushed easily by the current of our duckweed!


Whoa it was so tiny!! I might actually buy the bigger one also. Especially if you have a lot or even a medium amount of water flow, the tiny one might sink!


So so cute! Pretty sure my snail kept trying to submerge it, but now that he’s passed on it’s been calm seas for the little boat


Small and cute