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February 12 2021 - Letter From Our CEO

By :James Morelan 0 comments
February 12 2021 - Letter From Our CEO

Letter From Our CEO

Thank you Wild Pet Supply customers for helping us on our journey to be the greatest online aquarium and insect market place!

These past weeks have been difficult with USPS delays and cold weather, however our team has been there 24/7 to support customers, tend to our aquariums & terrariums as well as ship orders out!

We will be closed next week to prevent any orders from being stuck in the cold. We are also giving our associates the next week off, while our leadership team brainstorms our next products & services.

We expect to have new pets & products available in the coming months along with big changes to our site. Over the past year of operation we have been focused on all sorts of animals between birds, aquariums, dogs, cats, millipedes, snails, and more. We believe it's in the customers best interest for us to focus more on providing Healthy Insects, Happy Snails, and Amazing Aquarium Supplies. This will allow us to have a more focused approach! We will leave the other pets & products for our affiliate companies! We will still continue to help customers with questions about their other pets but we will limit the products we offer.

Stay Safe,



Any questions? Email us at

During this week any orders placed will be held until February 21 when we will ship out all orders according to the time and date they were placed as well as their shipping methods. Customer service will be limited. Our email will still receive messages but we may be unable to act on them until we return.

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