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Betta Fish
Care guide

How to keep and care for betta fish full guide

Hiya, this care guide will show you everything you need to create and maintane a betta fish aquarium. Watch our video to see the full guide or view these recommendations for supplies and decor.


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Buying the Fish Tank

I always recommend buying a fish tank second hand from facebook or from family/friends

Petco or Amazon can be a great place to get new tanks.

Betta fish need to be in an aquarium that is 3 gallons or larger

aquarium soil fluval

Aquarium Soil

I use two soils for my aquarium

  1. 1)  A cheap base layer (Here)

  2. 2)  A fine aquarium soil (Here)

aquarium light

Aquarium Light

Your aquarium will look a thousand times better with a bright light! It helps keep your plants healthy and lets your fish have a better cycle with day and night

LED Aquarium light (Here)

Smart Wifi Control (Here)
- Set timers and control with your phone

aquarium filter 10 gallons

Aquarium Filter

Filters help keep your water clear, it also helps grow beneficial bacteria as shared in our course

Filter used (Here)

aquarium betta fish heater

Aquarium Heater

Betta fish need at least 75° f to stay healthy. If your room temperature is that high you don’t need a heater.

Small Betta heater (Here)

aquarium live plants

Aquarium Plants

Live plants are perfect for aquariums! I recommend going to your local fish store to get fresh live plants. Ask an employee for easy starter plants

aquarium floating nano boat betta fish


I own my own company that makes perfect decor for fish tanks! Please check them out on etsy or my website!

etsy/CTWPets (Here) Wild Pet Supply (Here)


thanks for reading my betta fish course

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