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Bumblebee Millipedes


The Bumblebee Millipede is one of our favorite millipedes we keep and sell. Their easy care and unique appearance makes them a popular pet!


Bumblebee Millipedes do not require that much attention when keeping them in a terrarium. The millipedes act as a scavenger and will clean up after any reptiles or other insects. This is one reason they are so popular in bioactive terrariums. We recommend keeping them in a terrarium that is two times larger then their size. This is the minimum amount of space, we prefer to offer a larger setup so that they have more room to explore.


We find that the Bumblebee Millipede breeds frequently in terrariums as long as there are enough females and males. Our biggest tip is to provide extra food like aquarium wafers. This helps them have more energy and can keep them more active.

Bumblebee Millipedes Life Span

We have found that these millipedes can live for 3+ years. This can be accomplished by keeping a healthy and stable environment.

Bumblebee Millipedes Size

These millipedes only get about 3" long. We find that females are longer than males. They also tend to be thicker.

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