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Millipede Care Tips

We love keeping millipedes as pets! Not only are they a great pet but they can also be used as amazing educational pets for students and young kids. Millipedes have so many different types of species and have been around for millions of years.

At Wild Pet Supply we typically sell scarlet and bumblebee millipedes. We also have a full length care guide which covers millipede set ups, substrates, foods, breeding and more. It is available on Amazon (Click Me) or a digital version is also on our website here (Click Me).

This list of short tips will be great at keep

1) Start Small

A lot of first time millipede keepers want to start with as many millipedes as they can. While this may seem like a good idea for breeding, when you're still learning about the care and set up we recommend starting small and keeping 1-5 millipedes. This allows you to get used to regulating temperature, humidity, and feeding.

2) The more the better for breeding

Although this may seem controversial to our previous tip, if you're experienced enough with keeping millipedes as pets and are planning on breeding your millipedes the more you have the better. Once you get the hang of maintenance and keeping a stable humidity and temperature you may want to make your colony larger. By having as many breeding millipedes as possible that allows you to have higher chances of having females and males to breed. This also helps diversify the genetics and keep a healthy colony.

3) Container Size

Our main recommendation is to have your container be two times longer than your longest millipede. This gives them more room to travel as well as more room to grow. As experienced breeders we like to keep our millipedes in a larger than recommend size. We have noticed our millipedes actually travel large distances at night so giving them enough space to explore is great for them. We also like to keep a humidity gradient. By having one side more moist this allows the millipedes to go to the side of the container they enjoy the most.

4) Fish Foods

Millipedes are great decomposers and will eat leaf litter as well as decaying wood, they can also enjoy fish wafer that will slowly break down. This snack can have more protein and can give the millipedes more nutrients to grow and breed with. We offer our own food called bottom feeder delight, snails and plecos love this food and so will your millipedes. (Click me)

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