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Why Do Fireworks Scare Dogs?

by James Morelan on Jun 30, 2021

Why Do Fireworks Scare Dogs? | Wild Pet Supply

Most dog owners have realized how frightened their dog can be when fireworks go off. As we approach the 4th of July where many Americans celebrate by launching fire works into the sky it's important to know your Dog may be startled during the holiday. 

Fireworks are random and unpredictable

If you've ever made loud noises around your dog they typically don't freak out, especially if what you're doing is predictable. Dogs have a keen sense of their environment, however when it comes to fire works they can be random and out of no where. This can be very difficult for your K-9 Friend.

Fireworks are LOUD

Dogs tend to have sensitive hearing and are able to notice things humans never hear. This becomes a negative when the sounds are absurdly loud. Dogs can get shocked by one firework but on the holiday you can expect hundreds or thousands of them to go off. 

How to make your dog more comfortable during fireworks

We recommend keeping your dog inside and away from windows. This can help dampen the noise. You can also take your dog in the basement to help even more. 

We've heard some people recommend playing music to make noises less startling for your dog. 

One product that has been releases recently is an anti stress jacket for your dogs. This can help make them feel safe and secure while celebrating on the 4th!

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