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Where to buy Land Snails

Pet land snails are one of the coolest and easiest to care for pets! Many people enjoy keeping pet land snails. In this blog we will explain where to buy or find land snails. 

Collecting Land Snails

One of the easiest ways to acquire land snails is by finding them outside in gardens and parks. You can typically find them hiding under leaves or in bushes. This method however is not our favorite as some of the snails may have parasites or may not adapt well to being in closure.

If you do plan to catch your own snails we recommend only keeping them for a couple of days or hours so you can observe them and see if you like keeping them as pets. After that you will know if you are ready to keep a land snail long-term.

Where to buy Land Snails

We sell live land snails on our website as well as supplies to care for them. We do recommend purchasing them rather than collecting them as they could have parasites or other unwanted pests.

We currently offer helix aspera snails on our site, they are easy to care for and great for terrariums. 

Land Snail

Care for Land Snails

It is very important to provide proper care for Pet land snails, we have a published care guide available on Amazon or a PDF version available on our website. Check it out now as well as our land snails here.

Land Snail Care Guide


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wow ur so helpful



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