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Where to buy Land Snails - Wild Pet Supply

Where to buy Land Snails

Do you want to keep live land snails as a pet? This blog shares where to find them or buy them as well as helpful information about them!
Millipede Care Tips - Wild Pet Supply

Millipede Care Tips

We love keeping millipedes as pets! Not only are they a great pet but they can also be used as amazing educational pets for students and young kids. Millipedes have so many different types of species and have been around for millions of years. 
Do Shrimp Need Calcium? - Wild Pet Supply

Do Shrimp Need Calcium?

We get this question a lot at Wild Pet Supply! Many people may not know how important it is to give your shrimp calcium in their aquarium. In this article we will explain the benefits of adding calcium to your aquarium as well as how to supplement calcium in your aquarium.
How to Take Care of Lucky Bamboo - Wild Pet Supply

How to Take Care of Lucky Bamboo

Did you know that you can keep lucky bamboo in your aquariums? You may be familiar with lucky bamboo due to its popularity as a house plant, but many aquarist keep it as a plant in their aquarium. 
Land Snail Care Sheet - Wild Pet Supply

Land Snail Care Sheet

Snails are mollusks, distantly related to squid, clams, cuttlefish and oysters. Specifically, they’re gastropods, along with limpets, slugs and others. Unlike slugs, snails can retreat into their shells when necessary, so they won’t die immediately in dry conditions. They can even seal themselves up and become dormant for a while. However, their skins are not waterproof and so they much prefer damp environments, which is why you often see snails emerging after rain.

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