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Did you know that you can keep lucky bamboo in your aquariums? You may be familiar with lucky bamboo due to its popularity as a house plant, but many aquarist keep it as a plant in their aquarium.

Lucky bamboo can be added to most aquariums however it's important that the plant is not fully submerged. Its not a true aquatic plant, and the leaves should be kept out of the water with the roots and base submerged.

Lucky Bamboo Aquarium plant

We recommend keeping your lucky bamboo in the filter of your aquarium. This way it is not fully submerged and the roots are able to help filter the water.

Fun Fact

Lucky bamboo is technically not a bamboo, its shape and color resemble bamboo and that is how it got its name.

Because this is a plant it does require lighting and most aquarium lights will provide sufficient lighting.

Fertilizing is not recommending and some fertilizers can harm the plant.

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Try our bamboo quiz to see if its good for your aquarium!

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May 24, 2021

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