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Do Shrimp Need Calcium? - Wild Pet Supply

Do Shrimp Need Calcium?

We get this question a lot at Wild Pet Supply! Many people may not know how important it is to give your shrimp calcium in their aquarium. In this article we will explain the benefits of adding calcium to your aquarium as well as how to supplement calcium in your aquarium.
Flipped Upside Down Nerite Snail? - Wild Pet Supply

Flipped Upside Down Nerite Snail?

Nerite snails have a difficult time flipping upright and sometimes its impossible for them to get upright. Immediately flip your nerite snail upright because if left too long they could die. 
What is a HOB Aquarium? - Wild Pet Supply

What is a HOB Aquarium?

Hang on Back - referring to a hang on back filter. Hang on back filters are very common in most aquariums. Their universal design makes them work on almost any aquarium from very larger aquariums(100 gallons+) to small aquariums(5 Gallons)

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One Week Ship Delay

I personally want to thank you for all the orders placed during our first 3 months of business! After all the hard work with packing and shipping, we have decided to take a one-week break from the store for vacation!

From Sunday 1/5/2020 to Saturday 1/11/2020 all orders will not be shipped out until 1/12/2020. Oldest orders will be given priority when shipping them on 1/12/2020. If you have any questions email me at wildpetsupply@gmail.com