Flipped Upside Down Nerite Snail?

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Flipped Upside Down Nerite Snail?

You may look at your aquarium and see that your pet nerite snail is flipped upside down and its shell is on the substrate while its body is exposed. This is a common problem with nerite snails.

Nerite snails have a difficult time flipping upright and sometimes its impossible for them to get upright. Immediately flip your nerite snail upright because if left too long they could die.

It's a good idea to make sure there is enough surface area for your snails to explore and not possibly fall over and get stuck upside down.
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  • Ann jirousek

    Wondering how long to quarantine a nerite before intro to a one betta, 5 gallon aquarium

  • Abraham

    Thanks for the info! I love my nerite snails but I keep seeing them like that. I might get new substrate.

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