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Woolly Mammoth Terrarium Decor - Crested Gecko Decor

$8.90 $3.90
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About this item

  • Terrarium Decor
  • Different colors unique design
  • Bio Safe plastic is 100% safe for reptiles

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Woolly mammoth skull bones decor. Detailed terrarium decor perfect for a reptile or insect terrariums! A small yet sophisticated design. I have it in my crested gecko terrarium and isopod terrarium.
- Small cute design
- Bio Safe plastic is 100% safe for reptiles
- Multiple colors available
We love the bone color as it looks super realistic! We also offer cool colors like gold and glow-in-the-dark colors that will charge up with sunlight or your terrarium lights! The small groves on the bone allow moss and other plants to grow on.

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