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How To: Keep & Care for Praying Mantis | The Easy & Educational Pet

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Keep a Pet Praying Mantis in 10 simple sections
Learn about pray mantis with How To: Keep & Care for Praying Mantis: The Easy & Educational Pet. This care guide is filled with lots of information in a short and compressed book. Our topics and info are great for first-time insect keepers that will not overwhelm kids or adults!
If you're curious about praying mantis care, how they live in the wild or want to keep them as a pet, this book is great! With our 10 core sections that cover Enclosure/Terrarium Setups, Maintenance and Care, Popular Species, Foods and How to Feed, How to Play and Handle them, Facts, Where to Purchase. We include many pictures and a section in the back for readers to see firsthand their beauty. We also have blog articles with more specific information. This book compresses everything ad-free with beautiful pictures.

Highlights of our book:

  • Praying Mantis Care–Get all the info you need to keep a pet mantis in a short and simple guide
  • Not Over Complicated–Straight to the point information.
  • Great Pictures–Helpful for referencing. 

When you ask people what pets they have the typical response is a dog, cat, or even pet fish. A less common response would be a pet praying mantis. Many people are not aware that these interesting insects can be kept as pets. There are over 2,000 species of praying mantises and of those, there are 4 commonly kept as pets. In this book, we share interesting facts, as well as a complete care guide to keeping praying mantis. We talk about are the Orchid flower mantis, Chinese Mantis, Ghost mantis, and Giant shield mantis.

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