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    TerraVita RootsPlus: Bioactive Tropical Tank - Substrate Enhancer for Reptile Terrariums & Vivariums | Two-Part System

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    Soil Additive: For healthier plants creating a seamless ecosystem. Natural symbiotic fungal mix to break down debris and provide nutrients to plants

    Safe for Pets: Designed with reptile and amphibian safety in mind. Help grow and keep their ecosystem safe and healthy.


    Product description

    Discover the power of Wild Pet Supply's TerraVita RootsPlus - your solution for thriving plants in terrariums. This easy-to-use, two-part system is perfect for first-time terrarium enthusiasts and seasoned keepers alike.

    What it does

    A mixture of Mycorrhizal fungi, natural & organic fertilizers, and clay minerals helps to turn your traditional soil into a real natural ecosystem. 

    Our mix helps break down debris and dead matter which helps isopods and springtails with keeping ecosystems healthy. The fungi have a symbiotic relationship with plants sharing nutrients and water helping for healthy root structures. 

    What's in the Box?

    You'll get a 1oz bag with all you need for a healthy 6qt terrarium soil mix: a mix of calcium, worm castings, fertilizer, and mineral clay.

    You also get a convenient inoculate booster that's stored in a 2ml bottle to supercharge the mix prior to adding it into your terrarium. 

    Why It's Great:

    Boosts Plant Growth: Helps your terrarium plants grow strong and healthy.
    Eco-Friendly: Great for terrariums with reptiles or amphibians, breaking down dead leaves and plant matter.

    How to Use It:

    1. Open your roots plus and remove the innoculate booster
    2. Open the booster and pour into the roots plus package
    3. Shake and mix the two parts together before adding to a soil mix
    4. Add the mix to 6qts of soil for your terrarium, mix well
    5. Create 3 layers inside your terrarium

    Layer 1: Drainage: Start with a layer for drainage at the bottom.
    Layer 2: Our Magic Mix: Add a thick layer of soil mixed with TerraVita RootsPlus. This is where your plants will grow strong roots.
    Layer 3: Top Soil: Finish with a layer of regular soil. This keeps the product away from your pets and encourages roots to grow deeper.


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    TerraVita RootsPlus: Bioactive Tropical Tank - Substrate Enhancer for Reptile Terrariums & Vivariums | Two-Part System

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