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    Ramshorn Snails Pack of 3

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    My FAVORITE bottom feeder in the entire aquarium hobby! These small baby ramshorn snails will help keep your aquarium clean as well as add new life to your aquarium. These cute snails will help keep your fish tank healthy and clean great as a tankmate with betta fish!

    3 Per order(we always add extra just in case of any DOA)

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    These snails will do great in aquariums bigger than 2.5 gallons and are easy to breed. Some snails may have some discoloration. After shipping allow 30 hours before snails begin to explore your aquarium.


    Important information!

    • Snails will arrive in a 2oz Cup with a paper towel. Smell the inside of the container. If there is no rancid or rotting smell the snails should all be alive. A slight smell could mean there are some that didn't make the trip.
    • Place snails and paper towel in your aquarium, we tend to send baby snails that may be smaller than .25" Also we recommend adding them to one corner of your aquarium to track if they move.
    • Check out our DOA Policy here

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    Ramshorn Snails Pack of 3

    $6.99 USD
    $6.10 USD

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Great service

    Great products will purchase again thank you

    Super cute for my 10 gallon

    These snails are so great at cleaning my 10 and 5 gallon aquarium

    Peter Myers

    Ramshorn Snails Pack of 3

    Erin Gardner
    Ramshorn Snails

    I am so happy with my snails, there were about 6 in my package and they all lived!

    Rebecca Bordelon
    Wow! I’m in love.

    I received my package today, everything was packed with care. I opened the plastic wrapped cup and saw 4 beautiful little babies, although one is much larger than the rest. It didn’t take long after following the instructions to see all of them peek out their shells. After a bit I placed them all in the water and after an hour each one has moved a good bit (they wiggle around in the sand differently than my Nerites). Two of them straight up started digging in the sand. Anyway I love this and I’m so happy their alive.