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Olive Nerite Snail Pack Of 2

Olive Nerite Snail Pack Of 2

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The absolute best algae cleaner we have! I highly recommend these guys if you have problems with algae or just want a new friend in your aquarium! These freshwater snails are amazing pets!

We do not add extra snails to this order, unlike our other live snails.

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These snails will do great in aquariums bigger than 5 gallons. Some snails may have some discoloration. After shipping allow 30 hours before snails begin to explore your aquarium.

These snails will not breed or reproduce in most aquariums which makes them great if you only want one to two!



Important information!

  • Snails will arrive in a 4oz Cup with a paper towel. Smell the inside of the container. If there is no rancid or rotting smell the snails should all be alive. A slight smell could mean there are some that didn't make the trip.
  • Place snails and paper towel in your aquarium, we tend to send baby snails that may be smaller than .25" Also we recommend adding them to one corner of your aquarium to track if they move.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great service

My snails came well packed and they arrived quick and healthy. I even got two complimentary snails. They are doing their job presently, cleaning the glass.

Devan Baull
They live to fight another day!

They made it they're moving and doing their thing. I received one small and one larger one and they are both doing well. The bigger guy definitely has some wear on his shell but he doesn't seem to lacking in any other snail criteria. Their names are Big Papa and Little Olive and I love them. I also ordered the pack of 5 ramshorns from here and they all are doing quite well. I've had them all for two weeks with no losses so I'm satisfied 100% with my purchases

Amanda Toney
Happy healthy

I ordered two snails and was happily surprised by a baby! They are going strong almost 2 weeks!

Quick shipping!

Super fast shipping! I received my order within two days of placing it. My snails came alive and are doing well so far. The package includeded clear, step by step directions for adding your snails to your aquarium. I'd highly recommend!