Live Pond/Bladder Snails

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This bottom feeder breeds very fast in your aquarium and can help clean up. They are also used as feeders to some fish and puffers! These snails tend to stay small. These snails are commonly referred to as bladder snails or pond snails. They are grown in my aquariums and eat our Bottom Feeder Delight Food.

5 Per order(we always add extra just in case of any DOA)

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These snails will do great in aquariums bigger than 2.5 gallons and are easy to breed. Some snails may have some discoloration. After shipping allow 30 hours before snails begin to explore your aquarium.

Important information!
  • Snails will arrive in a 2oz Cup with a paper towel. Smell the inside of the container. If there is no rancid or rotting smell the snails should all be alive. A slight smell could mean there are some that didn't make the trip.
  • Place snails and paper towel in your aquarium, we tend to send baby snails that may be smaller than .25" Also we recommend adding them to one corner of your aquarium to track if they move.
  • Check out our DOA Policy here