Isopod Terrarium Soil Mix - Live Isopod Soil Mixture / Organic Sterilized Terrarium Soil

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CTW Reptiles is proud to present the new Isopod specific terrarium soil!

I hand mix the custom mixture that we've been using for years in our own isopod and millipede enclosures!

What makes it special?
The mix includes natural wood chips as well as calcium supplements to help starting or established isopod colonies. Calcium is vital to growing healthy isopods, we sell cuttlebones and other supplies in our store. (You should visit Etsy/ctwreptiles)

We offer one size that is about 7" x 7" x 1-3"
We do vacuum seal the bag to keep pests out and preserve the soil

Speaking of PESTS we noticed many other companies don't realize how important it is to keep the soil clean! We opted to make this our focus! Not only do we make sure the mixing environment is clean we also seal the bags to make them air-tight! We then flash the bags with UV-B to help kill bacteria. After that, we store the soil at -20 c° or -4 f° to make sure any and all pests will be exterminated.
This may seem overkill but we go the extra mile!

How to use
Depending on your terrarium you may need to purchase more than one bag. A single bag will only fill up a small container.
This soil can be the only substrate as it is great at keeping humidity and is easy to dig in. You can also use your own organic soil and mix this in, this can help keep costs low if you're making a big terrarium.

Pop a small hole in the bag to allow air to enter -- Then shake the bag to break up large parts of soil -- Cut open the bag and spray some water to help hydrate -- Then add to your terrarium!