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Elive Aqua-Duo Dual Purpose Aquarium Filter 20 Gallon

$29.99 $15.29
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About this item

  • Fresh Water Aquarium Filter
  • For 20 Gallon Aquariums
  • Aquaponic Feature (Grow plants)
  • Cleans Aquarium Water
  • Fast USA Shipping

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For Any Tank Type: Whether freshwater, saltwater or reef aquarium tanks, this filter can create the optimal conditions for your fish and plants to thrive
No Stuck Fish: The filter shroud is adjustable and can reach to the bottom of the aquarium, keeping your fish safe
Fits Your Needs: Can be used as natural aquaponic filtering with plants only or traditional power filtering with waterfall or quiet surface discharge
Great Look: Clean design and suitable for a variety of beautiful plants like Peace Lily, Photos, Lucky Bamboo, Arrowhead Plant and more


AquaDuo Aquarium Filter

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Store is a Scam

James the owner of this business is a scammer and should be shut down. All he does is take your money. Has zero customer service. he has turned off any type of reviews on facebook, youtube, google etc just so he doesn't get a huge list of bad reviews as he use to in the past. He will tell you one thing and do the opposite. This little entitled brat lives in his parents basement and they fund this failure of a business. If you buy anything from this company (him) you will be ripped off. You will never hear from him if you try to contact him with an issue. I recommend you to never send this scammer any type of money.

Clean water

Finally, my 20 gallons are crystal clear! Great filter I would recommend it! I would note it is a little big but fits a 20 long perfectly fine.
Thanks for the free sponge cleaner!

Phillip Furusa
Loving it so far

Arrived in great condition and still works great so far