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Elive Aqua-Duo Dual Purpose Aquarium Filter 20 Gallon

$29.99 $15.29
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About this item

  • Fresh Water Aquarium Filter
  • For 20 Gallon Aquariums
  • Aquaponic Feature (Grow plants)
  • Cleans Aquarium Water
  • Fast USA Shipping

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For Any Tank Type: Whether freshwater, saltwater or reef aquarium tanks, this filter can create the optimal conditions for your fish and plants to thrive
No Stuck Fish: The filter shroud is adjustable and can reach to the bottom of the aquarium, keeping your fish safe
Fits Your Needs: Can be used as natural aquaponic filtering with plants only or traditional power filtering with waterfall or quiet surface discharge
Great Look: Clean design and suitable for a variety of beautiful plants like Peace Lily, Photos, Lucky Bamboo, Arrowhead Plant and more


AquaDuo Aquarium Filter

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Clean water

Finally, my 20 gallons are crystal clear! Great filter I would recommend it! I would note it is a little big but fits a 20 long perfectly fine.
Thanks for the free sponge cleaner!

Loving it so far

Arrived in great condition and still works great so far