Best Aquarium Snails

In this article, I will cover the top 3 best aquarium snails that can help clean algae as well as provide extra character to your aquarium. You will find out helpful information about these snails before you decide if they are right for your fish tank!

Number 1

Ramshorn Snail

Of course, my favorite snail would be number one but these snails are truly special. Their most common color form is pink due to their hemoglobin which is a red pigment and can be found in their blood. This is a very unique feature and one reason so many people love them. They will not eat your plants but however will breed fairly fast in your aquarium and some aquarists may consider them to be pests.

Number 2

Olive Nerite Snails

These are the best algae cleaning snails and after years of keeping aquariums, I haven't found anything better. I consider them to be tanks in aquariums, that are almost indestructible and can live in multiple water conditions, they move slowly in your aquarium and they pack a punch when it comes to cleaning algae in your aquarium. Nerite snails do not breed in freshwater, they require brackish or saltwater for their eggs to hatch which can be good if you want to have a small population.

Number 3

Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Some fish keeps say that they can breed to fast in your aquarium but I have found that they have been the reason my aquariums are kept so clean and healthy. Their unique shell is able to burrow under the substrate of your aquarium and shift the sand, dirt, or pebbles releasing gas bubbles and preventing build-up of harmful bacteria or waste.

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