WPS Fulfilled VS Warehouse Direct

Shipped From Wi, USA means that item is currently at our warehouse inside the US. Items will arrive within 5 Days to US customers.



Warehouse Direct means that item will be shipped by our manufacturers from outside the US. Items will arrive in 15-30 Days to US customers.




More Info

WPS Fulfilled items typically have faster shipping as they are being shipped from our own warehouse. All of our live items are fulfilled from inside the US however some items may be difficult for us to purchase in bulk, we have worked with our manufactures to ship them directly to you. 


  • Fast Shipping 1-5 Days
  • Live Items
  • Less Product Availability
  • Higher Costs For Shipping
  • Free Shipping at $25 USD

Warehouse Direct items tend to take longer to be received as they are shipped from our manufactures located in Europe, Mexico, Australia, China, and more. This allows us to have products we've tested available to customers without ordering them in bulk. Sometimes we have trouble purchasing items in large volumes so allowing customers to purchase directly lowers the cost. 


  • Slower Shipping 15-30 Days
  • More Products
  • More discounts
  • Lower Shipping Costs
  • Free Shipping at $5 USD


By offering warehouse direct we are able to test which products our customers like the most. With this data we can purchase them ourselves in larger quantities to turn warehouse direct items into WPS fulfilled items. 

How can I tell if an item is Warehouse Direct?

All of our products have either a blue or orange checkmark next to the product price or buy buttons. The bottom of the page also identifies the item and indicated if it will be shipped from our warehouse in Racine, Wi or by our manufacturers.