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Tiny Aquarium Sponge Filter

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About this item

Our micro aquarium sponge filter works great in small betta fish aquariums or shrimp tanks.

  • Simple & small design
  • Easy to clean
  • Better than air stones

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Our brand new tiny/micro sponge filter is great for any aquarium specifically 0.5-5 gallons but can be added to 10 gallons or 20 gallons with extra filters or stronger air pumps! We love sponge filters for their many benefits like constant airflow and water agitation and the fact that these filters will not suck up baby fish, shrimp, or snails due to the sponge.

The simple design is unique and looks great in small betta fish aquariums. If you breed betta fish and want a filter instead of an airstone this works wonders!

You will still need an air pump to power this filter, we do include an airline hose for your convince!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love it!
Good little sponge filter