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    Organic Aquarium Tunnel Cave | Shrimp hide

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    Create an underwater sanctuary with our Organic Shrimp Tunnel Cave – your shrimp will love the hide & seek fun!

    Natural design meets shrimp comfort – our Shrimp Tunnel Cave is the perfect size for a shrimp-friendly aquascape!


    Product description

    Crafted with an organic and natural look, it's like a mini retreat for your shrimp, blending seamlessly into your tank’s environment. Its unique single entrance is not just stylish but also mimics the natural shelters found in the wild, making your aquatic friends feel right at home. The textured surface isn’t just for looks; it’s also perfect for beneficial algae to grow on, providing an authentic touch to your underwater paradise. And the best part? You can personalize the tunnel's setting with the open-bottom design, allowing it to sit perfectly among the plants and stones of your tank's landscape.

    Watch as your shrimpy buddies explore and zip into their new favorite hangout spot – you can even drop some treats inside to see them gather for a snack party! The tunnel is a cozy fit with dimensions that are just right for little swimmers: 1.6 inches in height and width and 5.05 inches in length. 🐠🌿

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    Organic Aquarium Tunnel Cave | Shrimp hide

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Great product

    Came just as described!

    Sheryl Frey

    Item well packaged and quality of piece is nice. Thank you.

    Rachel Guim

    Item is as pictured. Wish the edges were sanded so that it was usable upon arrival. I’ll have to do that myself.

    Christopher Holliday

    Cool all is well. Smaller than expected but great for my nano


    Works wonderfully! I've used it as a small humid hide for my leopard gecko!