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    Betta Bulb Hide | Organic Betta Rest Fish Tank Ornament | CTWPets

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    Nap in nature with our Organic Betta Bulb – the perfect tranquil hideout for bettas and shrimp!

    Choose your color, create a scape, and watch your betta relax in our beautifully designed Betta Bulb!


    Product description

    Spruce up your betta's naptime with our Organic Betta Bulb – a natural-looking hideaway that's sure to be the dreamiest spot in your tank! 🌿💤

    Crafted to mimic the tranquility of nature, our Betta Bulb seamlessly integrates into your aquascape, inviting plants to intertwine through its holes for an enchanting look. Available in a spectrum of stunning colors, you can choose the perfect hue to complement your betta's beauty and your aquarium's style. This versatile bulb isn't just for bettas; it's a cozy retreat for shrimp too! Simply detach the suction cup if you want to nestle it into the substrate.

    With each order, you'll receive one Organic Betta Bulb equipped with a strong suction cup, ensuring a secure and serene resting place for your aquatic companions.

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    Betta Bulb Hide | Organic Betta Rest Fish Tank Ornament | CTWPets

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    Beautiful item for my betta!

    Saul Pallares

    The size and look are fantastic, but within about two days the color turned white on the area facing my heater / filter (not sure which of the two caused that). This isn’t a big deal to me, but I kind of expected better from an item meant for an aquarium.


    This little tunnel is great for my betta!! He loves swimming through it and checked it out immediately when I put it in his tank :)

    Jacqui S

    Very cute item for our fish.


    Jon Boy was driving me nuts. He always looked like he was unalive and floating. He was mad because I bought him a new 55 G tank and didn’t put his plants into new one. I got him new! So he spent one day looking at the hidey house. Then his bestie Gary the racer snail came to look. Tonight he was happily snoozing in his new house! And he wasn’t laying on his side! I could write a book about this half moon dumbo gorgeous betta!