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    AquaBoost Bloom Root Tabs Aquarium Plant Supplement | Fish Tank Root Tabs

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    High Quality Aquarium Root Tabs: Made in the US

    Packed with nutrients to grow your aquatic plants


    Product description

    AquaBoost Bloom Tabs are specially formulated to promote the growth of aquatic plants, including crypts, sword plants, bulb plants, carpeting plants, and more!

    These tabs contain a blend of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, that are crucial for plant development.
    The tabs are easy to use and always SINK! As fish keepers ourselves we made them convenient for aquarists who want to provide their plants with the nutrients they need to thrive. We also made a custom bag that includes a resealable zipper allowing for fresh tablets even in a fishroom!
    AquaBoost Bloom Tabs are suitable for use in fresh water aquariums and can help to enhance the color and health of your aquatic plants.
    Not the normal old gel caps! We mix our root tabs in a lab and compress them with over 20 kilonewtons of force for each tablet!

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    AquaBoost Bloom Root Tabs Aquarium Plant Supplement | Fish Tank Root Tabs

    Customer Reviews

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    Surprisingly great

    I first got these on Amazon but found that this company actually makes them so i got more here. I was skeptical about trying a "new" brand as i usually use seachem or fluval products.
    I want to say that the packaging was AMAZING.(I know most people dont care) I love the way the packaging looks on my shelf next to my fish tanks. I've never seen a unique design like this in the hobby it seems like they really focused on it and I appreciate that touch.
    Now on to the actual tabs. I got a total of 11 when i ordered the 10 pack and with my last order I got 44 in the 40 pack so it seems like there is an extra one for every 10 root tabs which is a nice touch as i've actually had other brands send one or two less! The bag has a closable zipper and when i first opened the root tabs they had a nice smell to them but gladly there are a lot of warnings to not eat these lol
    I placed two next to my swords and crypts plants and within a week they were far more vibrate! Its been about a month since using them and I'm about to order more!! I would love to see a liquid version of this product THANK YOU!!!