In this comprehensive guide, I will talk about the Ramshorn snail which is one of the most common snail found in the aquarium hobby, as well as provide a basic care guide and recommend the best food for your new pet. Full disclosure, we do sell live ramshorn snails at very affordable prices so if you would not mind checking them out after learning about their care that would be greatly appreciated!


You may not be aware of this but Ramshorn snails are a great pet and a great addition to any freshwater aquarium! I personally have them in every aquarium and I love their characteristics. When I set up new aquariums I like to have 3 main aspects to them. The first being the aquascape, tank, and plants, the second being the main fish, the third is the cleanup crew (this is the group that ramshorn snails fall into).
Ramshorn snails are very peaceful and will not disturb any snail, fish or shrimp. They tend to roam your aquarium for hours and it can be entertaining. Many people believe that snails move very slowly but they can actually move fairly fast underwater. They like to explore plants and the glass walls of the aquarium.
Ramshorn snails come in different colors and sizes, they tend to be red, pink, brown or even blue. We mostly sell pink ramshorn snails.


Of course, we are going to recommend our high-quality ramshorn snails but, if you are planning on getting them from a fish store make sure that their shells are healthy and that there are no white spots on them. We also recommend buying baby snails, we've found that they adapt faster to new water environments. Most chain pet stores don't sell ramshorn and that is why they are mostly found online.
Here is a link to buy them from us! Ramshorn Pack of 3
We have years of experience with shipping snails and have high-quality standards!


Ramshorn snails tend to stay small and will rarely grow larger than 1" their size increases with age. After the snail's hatch, they tend to be the size of a pinhead but grow fast if enough food is supplied for the aquarium.

Basic Care

Tank size: Any tank larger than 5 gallons should be good. Ramshorn snails love to explore and prefer to have more room to grow. They are also more likely to breed in larger aquariums! We also recommend keeping live plants in your aquarium

Water: Ramshorn snails are very hardy and can survive many different temperatures and Ph variation. If you are able to keep basic tropical fish the snails will do great with them!


Ramshorn snails are not known for eating live plants but if the plant is decaying they may munch on them. They will also eat some soft algae but they are not the best cleaners for aquariums. Occasaly if there is a death in my aquarium ie. dead fish, dead snails I tend to keep the body in the aquarium and allow snails to feed on them. It's a natural cycle but I do not recommend doing this if your aquarium is not established and if you do not have a large cleanup crew because it could lead to an ammonia spike.

Ramshorn snails also prefer to eat bottom feeder wafers, check out Bottom Feeder Delight. It's our staple diet for ramshorn snails as well as plecos and cory catfish!


Do they eat a lot of food?

Ramshorn snails are great bottom feeders and love leftovers. I tend to feed them every other day!

Are they easy to breed?

Ramshorn are one of the easiest animals to breed! Were working on a blog post that explains it!

Should I get some ramshorn snails?

I would really recommend you to get some! They are great pets and help keep your aquarium healthy and safe!


I hope you enjoyed this ramshorn care guide! If you need any help send us an email!

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