My Favorite Nano Aquarium

Today I wanted to talk about my favorite nano aquarium. I was on Amazon looking for a small aquarium to put in my fish room when I came across the MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Aquarium. After I saw it, I thought it was one of those cheap plastic aquariums you might find at a pet store. But after reading the description and reviews I realized that it might be better than I thought. I decided to place my order and it arrived soon after.

When I started to unbox it I decided to make a youtube video about it!

Challenge the Wild Fish Tank

After getting my hands on the MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait I was very impressed with the quality. There were no scratches or marks on the glass. I started to set up the aquarium in the hope of keeping a betta in the tank. It was very easy to set up and I made sure to clean the aquarium before I put anything in it.

Here are my Pro's and Con's of this aquarium!


  • 5 Gallons - This allows for a wide variety of small fish and is good for keeping snails like our Ramshorns or Malaysian Trumpet Snail!
  • Glass aquarium - Less Likely to scratch when moving, very clear when viewing your fish
  • All in one - Filter and heater are hidden in the back of the aquarium!
  • Very Stylish aquarium


  • Light - The included light is very dim and will most likely not be able to grow aquarium plants. I switched it out for a better clip light.
  • Strong Filter - Unfortunately the filter included is very powerful. It does have a head that can move but the flow rate pushes the entier aquarium around. This can be changed with a new pump.
Marineland 5 Gallon aquarium amazon
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After having this aquarium for a year, it was originally a 5-gallon betta fish aquarium. But after I renovated my fish room I moved that betta into a different aquarium and emptied the Marineland 5 gallon portrait aquarium. My plan for this tank is to turn it into a terrarium! I might keep some insects in it, but the high of the aquarium will be very good for most insects!

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