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Basic Baby Tortoise Enclosure

In this blog post, I will share my indoor Hermann's tortoise enclosure!
This set up is not only very affordable but also very low maintenance!
Watch our full video on this at the end of the blog post!
Tortoise Set Up


Turtle house
This is a mixing tub we will be using to house our pet tortoise!
Buy it here AMAZON


I use a mix of Zoo Meds forest floor and reptichip!
This will be great at keeping humidity while the
baby tortoise is growing up!
Forest Floor AMAZON
ReptiChip AMAZON


I am using a mini coconut cave and moss to keep a micro
hide for the tortoise! They will spend time in here when
they need to cool down!
Tortoise Hidereptile moss
Coconut Cave AMAZON


It is important to have UVB Light as well as heating to keep your
tortoise happy and healthy! I went with the Zoo Med aquatic light, it works
just as well and is premade with all the important features!
turtle light
Zoo Med UVB Light AMAZON
Watch the whole Video Here!
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