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4 Things That Pomeranians Love

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If you own a pomeranian or any similar dog you can usually tell their emotions by their behavior. A happy dog acts way different than a pup that might be stressed out or not have the necessary things to make them happy.
This short list of things that any dog owner can do will help improve their happiness and keep your puppy happy and healthy!
So, in this section we will take a look at 4 things that Pomeranians love, that all owners should try to incorporate into daily and routine care.

#1 Pomeranians Love to Be Comfortable

This may seem obvious but there are a lot of things that can easily make your pup stressed out and make them feel like your home is not theirs.
Its a good idea to have these for your puppy.
A quality bed – You can find many small beds that have very little padding but investing in a quality bed that has durable fabric and can be machine washed is a great investment in your pup's life.
Pillows and blankets – When I got my first dog I also allowed it to have the same blanket for a couple of years. Many mothers do this with their children because its an easy attachment that can make them feel comfortable.
Quality essentials – Essential things like toys, food bowls, and treats may be cheap at some pet stores but investing in higher quality products can be great for your pet, especially when you look long term.
If you feel like getting some new essentials for your dogs check out our site for high-quality products!

#2 Pomeranians Love to Not Feel Pent Up

While your Pom may seem perfectly happy with staying in the house, he’ll love things even more if you add on some bonus outdoor time.
It's easy for your dog to feel stressed out or sad if its stuck inside for too long. Allowing a couple extra minutes or even hours a day for out door times can be great for your pomeranian or even for you!

#3 Allow your pomeranian to use its primal senses.

Giving your pup challenges and allowing them to use their natural senses is great at developing their brain and making sure they don't get bored.
Using different scent sprays or treats and hiding them in a room allows for your pomeranian to search for their treat.
Pomeranian happy

#4 Pomeranians Love to Have a Schedule

Having a standard schedule will keep your pup on a stable lifestyle and will let them feel more like home when they know whats going on.
If you come back from work or school and your puppy is waiting at the door for you there is a reason why... they know when you're coming back and wait for you.
You may also notice when your pup gets excited to go outside in the morning because of its part of their schedule.
Creating a simple daily schedule will keep you on task as well as your Pomeranian
cute Pomeranian

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