Bulimulus Land Snail Pack of 3

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LIVE PET LAND SNAIL (not for aquariums)

This is a pack of three live land snails that make amazing pets! They will only get about an inch long and are very friendly. We recommend these to new pet keepers because of how easy they are to care for and how friendly they can be. These guys have very similar care to helix aspersa snails and prefer temperatures around 70° F.

You will get 3 snails per order!

Even though we call them white, you can receive multiple different shades and colors of off white, beige, light brown, tan, marble, and some have some stripes etc.


With our eBook, you will have an informative guide to learn about your snails and how to care for them. Our eBook is packed with tons of information and a very affordable price. You can purchase the book separately on Amazon or on our store. 

The eBook will be sent to your email(Make sure to provide that for our systems to send that to you.)


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