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Terrarium Organic Soil v2.0 Mix | WPS Essentials™

WPS Shipped From WI, USA | Learn More

About this item

  • Soil for vivariums or terrariums
  • Sterilized with UVB light and kept at -20C°
  • Simple packaging
  • 1.3L bag of our soil
  • Our Brand

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NEW Terrarium formula & size

This is our new organic terrarium mix which is great for small to medium terrariums!

Key differences(More below)

  • Dried soil to save weight and space
  • New mixture for better humidity and compound
  • Larger quantity
  • Priority shipping 

Our soil is sterilized with UVB Light and kept at -20 C° to kill bacteria and ensure its insects free. This makes it great for your pets as you don't need to worry about possible hitchhikers in your terrarium.

> New Mix <

Organic soil, peat moss, sand, moss, small wood chips, more...

> Larger Volume <

We are now selling our soil based on volume and NOT weight! This means you will receive more than our previous soil mix. 

Size: 1.3L+

> Priority Shipping <

Due to the fact we are selling by volume, this soil mix weighs more than our previous mixture.

Any package over 16oz must be shipped with priority 2-3 day mail. This mixture may weigh 1-2+ LBs

Our previous soil was 12oz for that reason

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