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Terrarium Mushroom Decor - Crested Gecko, Leopard Gecko, Isopod, Tree Frog, Fairy Garden Decor | 4 Pack

$9.30 $7.30
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About this item

  • 4 Pack Mushroom
  • Pet Safe
  • Perfect for terrariums or vivariums
  • Cute color tops

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Terrarium mushrooms! A super-easy way to spice up your terrarium 🍄
Tiny 4 pack of mushrooms with colored tops. Pick your color!! Pet safe
Add our decor to a terrarium with crested geckos, Isopods, Leopard Geckos, Dart Frogs, Tree frogs or more! 🦎🐸🐢
White stems and multi-colored top. Pick the top color!!
4 Mushrooms per order
The base of the mushroom can be buried to keep it stable or you can cut off the base and glue it onto drift wood or other decor in your terrarium.

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