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Terrarium Moon RGB WIFI Reptile Moon Decor - Nocturnal Light For Terrariums or Paludarium | Crested Gecko, Tree Frog Decor | CTW Reptilesā„¢

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About this item

  • WIFI RGB Moon for terrarium
  • Perfect for Nocturnal Reptiles and Amphibians
  • USB Powered

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NEW RGB WIFI Terrarium Moon Decor!! šŸ¦ŽšŸø

Spice up your terrarium at night with our USB-powered LED light strip. Our custom design has been in development for months with countless tests!

- WIFI LED moon can be controlled with your phone
- USB Powered (USB Brick not included)
- Cute realistic design šŸŒ•
- Helps nocturnal animals see at night

Easy to install and set up. Install the app for android and IOS. šŸ“±

I like to have a blood moon in my crested gecko by setting the color to red.

The moon has multiple LED lights that are diffused by foam on the inside of the moon.

Magnets help keep the moon on the top of the terrarium. This moon only works with mesh terrariums as you need to cut a small hole for the cables to go through.

We also have glow-in-the-dark mushrooms that go super well with this moon! šŸ„

MESSAGE FROM JAMES(Owner/Challenge the Wild)
"I spent hours finding the best light solution and landed on these components. I didn't want to cheap out and have a manual switch to turn it on and off. By having a higher quality LED controller you can schedule the moon to turn on automatically when your regular lights turn off. "

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