Terrarium Decor - Spooky Gave Stones - Perfect for Crested Geckos, Spiders, Isopods, Insects, Frogs and more!

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This is a great decorative gravestone to add to your crested gecko's terrarium. The tombstone is made of BioPlastic and is about 1.3 inches high, 1.25 inches wide and .75 inch deep.

We offer 3 different listings
Style 1 - 2 Gravestones (Sword and Skull) 
Style 2 - 2 Gravestones (Pillar and Skull) 
Style 3 - All 4 Gravestones 

We do have different colors but recommend grey or marble as they look more realistic!
The grey can also be painted with acrylic paint(Make sure it's terrarium safe) to add details! We used green and brown to age ours

Why does your pet need this??
It's very menacing depending on your pet! It can also help boost their ego 😂☠️
All jokes aside it's an easy way to put a little spooky into your terrarium!

They also work great for Halloween decor 👻🎃

These gravestones are not meant for aquariums as they will float. You can glue them to a rock to help them sink. They are 100% aquarium and reptile safe. We would not recommend them for large species as they might be a choking hazard if your pet bites them. (Not common)