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Our brand new Mini-Terra Terrarium will be a great accent for any room. It's simple design and small size will be great for small insects like baby Millipedes, Iso-Pods, Ants, and baby spiderlings. This can also be perfect for land snails! You can also keep live plants in the terrarium as an accent on desks or bookshelves. Ventilation holes allow for air to pass through and keep humidity. You can also use this to create a mini fairy garden.

  • Easy to decorate and design
  • Perfect for small insects or snails
  • Small display that is easy to clean

This is the Mini-Terra Base Set which includes

  • Clear Mini-Terra (Mini Or Max)
  • Black Base/Stand
  • Clear Vented Lid (Mini Or Max)

We also have listings that include led lights, Venting fans, Pre Scaped Mini-Terra and moss.


Length: 4 1/8"
Width: 4 1/8"
Height: 4 3/16"


Length: 3"
Width: 3"
Height: 3"

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Mini-Terra Base Set