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Helix Aspersa Land Snail 2 Pack

WPS Shipped From WI, USA | Learn More
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  • Two Pet Land Snails
  • Perfect First Time Pet
  • PDF Care Guide
  • 2 Healthy Snail per Order
  • Fast USA Shipping From WI, USA
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What do land snails eat?

Land snails love to eat leaves, stems, plant crops, bark, and fruits. You can feed these land snails leftover salads or other vegetables. They eat daily and require mistings.

Can I keep snails as pets?

We always get asked if land snails are good pets and the truth is they are! Land snails are very easy to care for and can live over two years!

Where can I buy land snails?

We ship them directly to you along with any other item on our site! We are located in Wisconsin, USA, and ship all over the states!

What is a land snail's habitat?

Land snails need a moist environment with lots of hiding spots and soil. This lets them hide if they are stressed or need to sleep. Our PDF book covers how to make a land snail enclosure.

LIVE PET LAND SNAIL (not for aquariums)

This is a Live Land Snail that is an amazing pet! They are a larger species of land snail and are very friendly. We recommend these to new pet keepers because of how easy they are to care for and how friendly they can be. Not only are they affordable pets, but they are also fun to play with and make a great pet. Two Helix Apsersa Per Order

Other Info

With our eBook, you will have an informative guide to learn about your snails and how to care for them. Our eBook is packed with tons of information and a very affordable price. You can purchase the book separately on Amazon or on our store. The eBook will be sent to your email(Make sure to provide that for our systems to send that to you.)

* Legal Stuff While we have contacted the USDA on interstate travel of land snails they have been unclear with the exact laws. There are banned species of snails like the Giant African Land Snail and Apple Snail. However, we have found no bans on the Helix Aspera Snail. That is why we have this listing available. We will ship to snail to Wisconsin residents so it does not cross state lines. PLEASE** NEVER release these pet snails into the wild. They are for educational use and could possibly harm ecosystems. Like with all our insects and snails, if you want to get rid of it you can send it back to us free of charge.

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