Archie The Dog Pin

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Our exclusive, limited quantity animal pins are only available for a short amount of time and will not come back after they are sold out. Each pin is unique and has its own adorable name!

All orders are shipped from Racine, Wisconsin.

Shipping Rates

Standard: For Dry Goods (3-5 Days) $3.49
Standard: For Live & Dry Goods | Insulated Box (3-5 Days) $5.00
Express: (2-3 Days) $8.50
Express: Insulated Box (2-3 Days) $9.59 

We strongly recommend purchasing your order with our Insulated Boxes. This will guarantee your item will arrive ALIVE and it is covered by our Live Guarantee.

With the Insulated Boxes we also add in our Shipping Gel to keep temperatures stable during shipping.

Archie The Dog Pin