Aquatic Fiddler Crab

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This is one of our cutest live animals available on our website! 

Our minerture crabs are perfect for brackish/Freshwater aquariums! Their wonderful personalities make them a great pet or addition to aquariums!

These 2" fiddler crabs are a great semi aquatic crab that does require some spots above the water level. We use rock piles and drift wood to let them climb up. Please note they do best in semi brackish aquariums using aquatic salt. Read more about this on our learn section. They can also be aggressive to other fish in the aquarium so we recommend only having 1-2 in a 10-gallon aquarium. Fiddler crabs are also amazing escape artists so ensure you have a tight lid to fit around the aquarium. (We use a thick bead of petroleum jelly to prevent them from climbing over) 

You can feed these crabs sinking crab food or algae wafers that are available on our site!

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